The Cabo For Canadians Story

It all began with a question – “How do I make it easy for Canadians to invest and move to Cabo?”

That single question drove me to research every possible aspect of that journey.  Step by step I broke each item down into a manageable chunk.  Then I sought out solutions.  Some were easy….some were not.  The result is a company that does not just sell real estate but instead it offers a relocation service that really assists the client in their lifestyle transition.

The Mission

To make the process of purchasing in Los Cabos as either an investment or retirement property as simple and as painless as possible for any Canadian.

Rick Parks

Born and raised in Canada, Rick has spent his entire adult life finding unique ways to solve complex problems.  He is an out of the box thinker that thrives in situations that require creative ideas.

Rick has been a licensed real estate professional in Canada, developed property, completed commercial projects and has operated both for profit and non profit organizations.

He is now a proud resident of Los Cabos and considers this home.

Rick is proud to be part of the Ronival Real Estate team and looks forward to serving you in the future.

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